Consultancy Services


SICES can boast of a long-term alliance with the energy sector and are well qualified to offer a comprehensive professional consultancy service.

Having worked closely with the regulative authorities (Enel, ex UTF AdD, GSE, Terna, etc.) over the last decade we possess an experienced and knowledgeable team who are aware of all current regulation and standards required when installing, managing and operating a power plant.

We offer consultancy services for the following:

  • Complete management of Green Certificates: from initial enquiry to certification
  • Management of the Feed-in scheme
  • Guidance and procedures for the connection of the plant to mains
  • Required authority (AEEGSI-TERNA) regulation and obligations for energy producers
  • Administrative and fiscal management of the plant including production registers, consumption return, tax and excise, licencing, DOE
  • Technical and administrative management, for obtaining through "GSE" renewable energy sources tax incentives (Such as Energy Efficiency Certificates, White Certificates, Guarantee of - Origin, SEU-SEESEU Qualifications, High Performance Cogeneration - CAR, Photovoltaic, Biomass, Biogas and Biomethane, etc.)
  • Management of the Energy Bill scheme (for Photovoltaic incentives)
  • Procedures for Connection of Electrical Plants to the National Grid (ENEL-Distribution and other integrated electricity operators)
  • Fiscal management of Electrical Energy Plants including Energy Product records, consumption declarations, tax and excise, licencing, "DOE" - Electric Workshop Reports).
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