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SICES S.r.l. can boast of a long-time experience in the field of energy, offering a complete consulting service aimed to the Client’s energetic needs.
Thanks to the ten-year relationships with the authorities in charge (Enel, ex UTF AdD, GSE, Terna, etc.), we can follow, in name and account of the client, the authoritative and bureaucratic obligations (whichever they are) needed for the installation, the use and the management of the electric production plants.

The consulting activities are the following:

  • Complete management of the Green Certificates, that are the demand and the achievement procedure of these until the sell on the market or directly to the GSE;
  • Management of the Feed-in scheme;
  • Procedures for the connection of the plants to the Mains;
  • Obligations for energy producers according to the authorities in charge (AEEGSI – TERNA);
  • Fiscal management of the electric plants: productions registers, consumption return, excise tax, licence, DOE.

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