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Protection Relay


Main features:

  • Multifunctional relay designed to increase the protections already included in DST4602 and DST4602Title evocontrollers.
  • D-PRO includes some functions that are particularly required in complex application systems, such as Oil&Gas plants or similar.

D-PRO is an integrated device that includes the following protections:

  • 87G – Differential protection referred to gensey
  • 87T – Differential protection referred to transformer
  • 59N (also called 59Vo) – Protection for homopolar overvoltage
  • 27T – Time-depending protection for genset undervoltage

The protections above complete what is already inbuilt in DST4602 and DST4602Evolution controllers, increasing performances and application fields.

DST-PRO is equipped with different communication serial ports, such as:

  • RJ45 Ethernet Modbus TCP/IP Port
  • RS232 Port
  • RS485 Modbus RTU Port
  • USB Port

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