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SICES Supervisor 3

NEW Monitoring system useful for a professional control of a plant from a remote side.

SICES SuperVisor 3 is still for free!

The new immediate and improved graphic design offer a user-friendly software for a real time monitoring of the measures and status of the engine, alternator and the Mains (Public Utility) if any.

In addition, it’s possible to adjust and reset the settings of the system, as well as start and stop the genset by remote.
The security of the control is assured by different levels of password.

Important info:
In order to use the new version of Sices Supervisor3, we suggest to download the last release of the free software boardprg3 as configuration tool.

– From this version the external modules connected to the board can be displayed. Managed modules:


– Managed Boards (that can display the attached modules) :


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