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D-Monitor Touch Screen Controller


Main features:

  • Touch screen panel connectable to the DST4602 controller.
  • LCD 12.1’’ and 15,6″ colour display TFT.
  • Easy and user-friendly surfing in order to offer an immediate data reading.
  • Customizable depending on the type of plant.
  • Connectable to the DST4602 controller, this last in compact or split version.
  • Complete control of the system that makes available commands, status, measures, diagrams and trends.

Immediate and captivating graphic interface that allows:

  • The visualization of the genset or CHP measures;
  • The reading of the thermic module (thermometric sensors, thermoregulators, solenoid valves, …);
  • The reading of some carburation and injection systems.

Possibility of remote control also for technical support.

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